A party without cake is just a meeting.” – Julia Child

At Sugar Coated, we believe every day requires a hint of sweetness. Whether that is our signature home made granola bar, Paleo bacon bark and or a red velvet cupcake – we are here to satisfy your sweet tooth!

All of our desserts are handcrafted from scratch using the finest ingredients – European chocolate, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and certified organic dairy products (all of which are local). We pride ourselves on unique and original desserts, making each with love and passion.

Sugar Coated was started in May 2013 by Mallory Brown. Mallory has been a lover of all foods from a very young age and recently decided to turn her passion into a reality. She desires to create scrumptious confections for any and every one to enjoy.

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What I do isn’t rocket science, however my ingredients and my love for food translate into making the overall product utterly delicious.” - Mallory